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A photograph of one hand moving a miniature on a battle map depicting a mossy ruin, while another gets ready to roll a green die and a third rests near a beer. The map is atop a barrel that also features a battle grid, which is sitting on a wooden slatted table. A tasting glass of beer sits in front of each player.
Stylized text reading "Total Party Kill" in green with green, red, and yellow stars and circles floating around the letters.


Hail and well met!

Welcome to the website of TPK Brewing Co., a craft brewery and public house with a geeky twist! In addition to being your newest, family-friendly neighborhood tavern in Portland, Oregon, we have a full-time staff of professional Game Masters running various tabletop roleplaying games for our patrons. Board game cafes have revolutionized how and where we play board games. We want to bring the revolution to roleplaying games by serving our guests original story content and thematic beer releases.

Gaming not your thing? Don't worry, we'll still have exceptional craft beer and food waiting for you.

Food by Hapa Barkada.

A cartoon drawing of a two story tavern in the forest, with a castle in the distance.
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