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TPK Brewing Co. is a craft brewery and public house with a geeky twist! In addition to being your newest, family-friendly neighborhood tavern in Portland, we have a full-time staff of professional Game Masters running various tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs) for our patrons. Board game cafes have revolutionized how and where we play board games. We want to bring the revolution to roleplaying games by serving our guests original story content and thematic beer releases.

We are a majority queer, woman-of-color owned business, an equal opportunity employer, and deeply committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We believe that imaginative social tabletop gaming is a transformational experience that has historically catered to a very small, exclusionary subset of the population. We exist to help break down those barriers and welcome everyone into the hobby by providing an accessible space to learn, adventure, and explore without judgment. In line with our mission, applicants from underrecognized groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

Please read our Code of Conduct here before applying.

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