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  • What is a tabletop gaming brewery?
    First and foremost we're a family-friendly neighborhood brewery, taproom, and restaurant. If you're just looking to come in for dinner or drinks, you'll find a welcoming brewpub atmosphere in a lightly themed fantasy tavern with great food and well-crafted beer. But for those who are interesting in tabletop gaming, we have full-time Game Masters trained to run games across a variety of different rulesets for you and your friends. We accommodate all experience levels, groups of different sizes, and anything from single sessions up to multiyear campaigns. For the non-gamers out there, the best way to think about it is as a place where the weekly events are focused on tabletop roleplaying instead of karaoke or trivia. We'd love for you to be part of the adventure, but you will have a great time even if that's not your thing!
  • Do you serve food? Is outside food allowed in?
    We've partnered with En Vida PDX to provide all of our food, which is fare from South America and makes use of our beautiful wood burning oven. They have a fully equipped kitchen in our space in addition to the brick oven and have your food needs covered from opening to close. As such, we do not allow outside food. You can find their full food menu here.
  • Are minors allowed?
    Minors are allowed at all hours, but minors under the age of 16 require a holder of parental responsibility present (except during private events with parent or guardian approval). Our upstairs mezzanine area is 16+ when open to the public.
  • What are my transit options when visiting?
    We're a block from the SE 50th Ave. & Hawthorne Blvd. stop of the TriMet 14-Hawthorne/Foster bus route, which would be our recommendation for anyone looking to come by for a drink! For those biking over, we have covered outdoor bike racks on the west side of our building and uncovered outdoor racks directly out front on Hawthorne Blvd. If you're driving in for a game, Hawthorne Blvd. has plenty of free street parking throughout the day but may require a block or two walk depending on other events going on in the neighborhood.
  • What can I expect when ordering food and drinks, or when booking a gaming session?
    Despite TPK Brewing Co. and En Vida PDX operating as two separate businesses, we do share a single point of sale system to simplify the ordering experience. You can order anything from our combined menu at the main downstairs bar or (when open) at the upstairs bar. Both bars have digital menus available on wall mounted TVs, in addition to having paper menus available at both bars. Please let a bartender know if you would like a braille or Spanish menu, as both are available on request. You can also find a digital version of our drink list here and food menu here. Your drinks will generally be prepared at the bar you ordered from while you wait, while your food order will be delivered to your table by the kitchen staff. We do not offer table service, but our tables do have QR codes that allow you to access the same menu and order/pay from your phone. Drinks and food ordered this way will be delivered to your table to minimize interruptions to any in progress gaming. Our beer is generally served in 16 oz glasses, but we do have 9 oz glasses available for certain styles or half pours. We also offer flights to try four or eight of our beers at a time. You can find our beer list here. We do ask that you please bus your own tables when you are finished and bus stations can be found in the downstairs seating area, upstairs seating area, near the front door outside when our outdoor seating is open, and near the private gaming space. The easiest way to book gaming is using our online scheduling system here, but staff at either bar can walk you through how it all works or directly assist in the scheduling if you would like.
  • Is the brewery dog-friendly?
    We have outside seating in front of the brewery on SE Hawthorne Blvd. and along our eastern border on SE 51st Ave. Well-behaved, leashed dogs are allowed in both areas, but not in the building itself.
  • Do you have wine, cider, cocktails, non-alcoholic options, gluten free options, and vegan options?
    Yes! You can find our non-beer drink list here and food menu here.
  • Is the brewery wheelchair accessible?
    Our front entrance on SE Hawthorne Boulevard and our side entrance on SE 51st Avenue are both wheelchair accessible. Our mezzanine is not wheelchair accessible at this time, but our gaming services, food and beverage options, retail products, events, and restroom are available on our main (first) floor. If you have any accessibility needs that we should be aware of for a booked session, please let us know during the booking process and we'll be sure to have everything ready for your visit.
  • How do gift cards work?
    We offer gift cards either in person or over the phone at (503) 231-6354. They can be used for anything we offer (food, beverages, merch, or game bookings), but cannot be entered into our website directly. To use a gift card for a website booking, please either email your booking specifics to or give us a call at the number above.
  • I've never played a roleplaying game before. Is this for me? How do I get started?
    Our mission is to help open roleplaying gaming to everyone, so we'd absolutely love to help you explore the hobby for the first time! You can view our gaming options here or our events here, but we'd recommend booking an Introduction to Tabletop Roleplaying session if you're looking to jump right in and start playing or attending a Tabletop Roleplaying 101 seminar if you're looking for a more informational overview and opportunity to meet other interested new players. All of our staff, including our bartenders, are happy to help explore these options as well so come on in and we'll talk you through it!
  • How does booking work?
    We have a few options, depending on what you're looking for: Introduction to Tabletop Roleplaying is an introductory session we run regularly for new players. You can just find and reserve an open slot in an upcoming session, either solo or with friends. Book a Game Master is for players with a full 4-6 player group looking for a Game Master to run a game just for them. If you'd like to request a specific Game Master, you can do so here. Join the Leyfarers is how you can sign up for The Leyfarer's Chronicle, our flagship in-house campaign set in our original world of Val'Ruvina. After signing up for the next three month chapter, a Game Master will reach out to coordinate next steps as this is our take on league style play and requires coordination with the larger multi-group campaign. All of these options can be booked online here, or any available Game Master can walk you through our booking process in person. We will try to accommodate walk-ins whenever possible, but would recommend booking ahead to ensure we have the availability you're looking for.
  • What rulesets and adventures do you support?
    You can book the below rulesets here and can request a specific adventure, module, or campaign during the reservation process. If you'd like to check if we can support a specific piece of content before booking, please send us an email or stop by in person. 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Call of Cthulhu Cypher System (Core Rules, Invisible Sun, Numenera, The Strange) Fate Core Pathfinder 2.0 Powered by the Apocalypse (Masks, Monster of the Week, Avatar Legends, Thirsty Sword Lesbians) Starfinder Vampire: The Masquerade
  • Can you guarantee my session will be with the Game Master that I booked?
    We aim to ensure players are always matched with their selected Game Master and aim to keep Game Masters consistent across multiple sessions for groups playing through long term campaigns. That may not always be possible given the complexity of our staff running multiple games a day, week over week, but we will do our best to notify you as soon as possible if a change is required. All of our Game Masters are experienced professionals who have gone through the same training, utilize the same safety tools, and share campaign notes in the hopes of providing a consistent experience for our players when a substitution is required.
  • How do you implement safety tools at your tables?
    First and foremost, we believe in putting each other before the game. At the highest level, we ensure our tables are safe by curating our content. Sessions run by our Game Masters will never include themes we consider wholly inappropriate, such as homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, or sexual assault, including their fantasy or in-game equivalents. In addition, players who violate our Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary action and possible removal from our space. Next, at the start of every session, our Game Masters give content warnings and check in with players to minimize foreseeable issues. In addition, if any common fantasy elements make you uncomfortable, such as spiders, fire, or mind control, we are happy to take note of those preferences and do our best to proactively account for them during your sessions. Finally, all our tables use the X-Card technique to streamline communication when something unexpected makes someone uncomfortable. This technique has a long history of being successfully used to ensure positive experiences in convention-based play and complements our other measures to help foster an environment of mutual respect and safety. You can learn more about how it works here.
  • Where can I find your published content?
    Our published TTRPG content can be found here. We aim to release a new digital chapter of The Leyfarer's Chronicle on a quarterly basis, after it has been played through by the Leyfarers in person, and release an annual hardcopy compilation covering the previous year's four chapter storyline.
  • Can my existing group start meeting at the brewery, or is there a fee to rent a table?
    We'd love that! As a community space and tabletop gaming hub, we love seeing our tables full. There is a small fee to reserve a table online here, but you will receive a coupon for 100% off your next reservation when checking in; as long show up for your bookings, that means every reservation beyond the first will be at no charge. Open tables are always on a first come first served basis, but please be respectful and cognizant of others who might be interested in using the space. Please note that table rentals guarantee a gaming table outside of the main tavern area that can seat up to 8 (although 4-6 is generally more comfortable depending on the space required by the game) and do have access to an outlet. We cannot guarantee a specific table or space though, as groups run by our staff Game Masters have priority access for their players. If you're interesting in hosting an event larger than your single group, using the space on a recurring basis, reserving a table for longer than four hours at a time, or ensuring we have a specific table available, please either email us at or check in with a staff member in person.
  • Do you have games available to rent? Can I bring my own games?
    We maintain a library of game rulebooks that you're welcome to borrow while visiting, along with various supplies such as miniatures or terrain that we're happy to lend you as long as they're not in use by our Game Masters. We have a small board game collection, but don't rent games the way you might expect to see in a board game café with shelves and shelves of options, although you're always welcome to bring your own!
  • How do you handle a Session 0 for players planning a recurring game?
    We are big believers in the power of an introductory session before diving into a fresh campaign, often called a Session 0. This is a way to explore the ruleset a group might be interested in, the themes and settings they might enjoy, what type of character each player wants to play, workshop backstories to ensure a cohesive group, and discuss player boundaries before starting. We approach this idea in a few different ways: For groups who already have a good sense of the ruleset and setting or adventure they want to play, there's a checkbox indicating you would like part of your session to be run as a Session 0 when booking a Game Master. If checked, your GM will plan to spend the first hour or two walking through character creation and backstories as part of your session. For groups looking to step back and discuss the different rulesets and settings before diving into character creation, we would recommend either coming in to chat with us in person or joining our free recurring Character Creation Workshop where we walk groups through the typical process to add some structure to their pre-campaign planning. We do not require a Session 0, you're always welcome to dive in with characters you've created yourself or premade characters provided by us if you'd prefer.
  • Do you sell gaming supplies?
    We carry the core rulebooks for the game systems we support, have partnered with Knave of Cups to provide additional tabletop roleplaying supplies through their very thematic vending machine, and maintain a library of books for customers to use while on site. We generally don't stock specialty rulebooks or mainstream adventure modules due to space constraints within the brewery, but we're always happy to refer you to a friendly local game store that should have what you're looking for.
  • How can I become one of your Game Masters?
    We announce all of our open roles on our social media, in addition to various job boards, so that would be the best way to keep an eye out. If we're currently accepting applications, the role will appear on our careers page here. We do require previous experience outside of your home game, but are deeply committed to helping folks get their foot in the door--if you're looking for tips on how to get started, we'd recommend coming to our recurring professional Game Master networking event.
  • What is Val'Ruvina and what is The Leyfarer's Chronicle?
    Val'Ruvina is our original, post-cataclysmic fantasy setting where the players (the Leyfarers) are tasked with exploring and documenting the changed world. Everything we produce is fully original, OGL 5e-compatible with a heavy emphasis on exploration, hidden dangers, lost history, and broken magic. All of the stories told in Val'Ruvina will first be experienced locally in our tavern as part of The Leyfarer's Chronicle (our in-house campaign outlined below), and will be published at a later date to reach a wider audience. The Leyfarer's Chronicle is our own take on league style play, an in-person campaign where multiple groups of player characters will be exploring the world of Val'Ruvina simultaneously with our Game Masters. You'll be able to subscribe to each chapter either as a group or as a single player (where you’ll then be matched with a group). The chapter will include five bi-weekly, four-hour sessions followed by an exciting finale event that will bring individual groups together to make decisions that will alter the world and change the course of the story going forward. Each chapter also features two limited beer releases to pair with key story moments. And of course the finale event will be a party where you can celebrate your victories (or drink off your failures). Since the story is fully original and always evolving in real time, The Leyfarer's Chronicle is perfect for both new players to jump in and longtime veteran players who are looking for something fresh.
  • How does The Leyfarer's Chronicle work logistically?
    Each chapter of The Leyfarer's Chronicle lasts three months, consisting of five bi-weekly, four-hour sessions followed by a finale event. Each session during the chapter is played with the same group of 4-6 players in the same time slot, with the finale event bringing together all of the groups on a single night to take over the tavern. We have 1-2 weekly "catch up" timeslots for anyone who missed their usual group. While we will do our best to accommodate scheduling conflicts, we do ask that all Leyfarers commit to the six sessions every chapter (all dates and times are locked in before the chapter starts) as absences can have a negative impact on other players in your group. Players can adjust groups or time slots between chapters if desired, in addition to opting out of the next chapter entirely. Signups for each new chapter of The Leyfarer's Chronicle are locked two weeks before the start date to ensure we have time to get everyone coordinated. Unlike our daily gaming that can be booked directly on our site, pairing and scheduling for each chapter is coordinated by a Game Master to ensure we can provide the best experience possible. We will always place Leyfarers who want to play together in the same group, up to a maximum of six players, but groups under four players may be paired with Leyfarers who registered solo. The campaign does have a player cap, with priority registration for the next chapter going to current Leyfarers before we reach out to the waitlist. A pattern of repeat absences may disqualify a current Leyfarer from registering for the next chapter, but a Game Master will reach out to discuss the situation before it reaches that point.
  • How do I join The Leyfarer's Chronicle?
    You can sign up, or join the waitlist if the campaign is full, here. Please keep in mind that we lock signups two weeks before a new chapter starts to ensure we have time to get everyone coordinated.
  • What's included in the price of a chapter?
    This is always an open conversation with the Leyfarers and what they'd like from the campaign, but it currently includes: five traditional 4-6 player sessions a finale session with the larger Leyfarer group one drink per session free tastings of all the seasonal story beers at the moment they occur in the narrative physical campaign souvenirs access to The Leyfarer's Chronicle, a Discord community where players can trade items and share their discoveries with other Leyfarers for in-game rewards and boons There are also some extras that aren't included in the cost, but are meant for the Leyfarers: a themed menu from our food partners at the finale session discounted drinks during the finale session discounted Leyfarer Side Quests for folks looking for more than a biweekly session
  • What are Leyfarer Side Quests?
    Leyfarer Side Quests are not just standalone adventures. They are three-hour stories in the world of The Leyfarer's Chronicle and are fully compatible with the main campaign. This means that the experience points and treasure you gain on Leyfarer Side Quests carry over to The Leyfarer's Chronicle, contributing to your character's growth and overall progression. Players that don't currently have a character in The Leyfarer's Chronicle are welcome to begin as a Level 1 player character (Level 2 if they've completed the Nine Lives Trial!) following the campaign Player's Guide. Alternatively, our Game Masters can provide a selection of pre-generated characters that you can replace with a different character later. Such characters persist between adventures, gaining session experience and treasure identically to those playing in the campaign. If you choose to join the campaign later, all of your character's experience and loot gained on Leyfarer Side Quests will carry over as you become an official member of the Leyfarers! For more information on Leyfarer Side Quests, you can refer to the campaign Player's Guide.
  • Do you offer partial refunds for missed Leyfarer sessions?
    Consistent attendance is key to our in-house campaign and we do ask that all Leyfarers commit to the six sessions every chapter. We understand things happen and have 1-2 weekly "catch up" timeslots for anyone who missed their usual group. If you do need to miss a session, please either let your Game Master know directly or email us at so we can go over your options. Given the importance of attendance, we do not offer partial refunds for a missed session and a pattern of repeat absences may disqualify a current Leyfarer from registering for the next chapter, but a Game Master will reach out to discuss the situation before it reaches that point.
  • Can I play older content from The Leyfarer's Chronicle?
    The Leyfarer's Chronicle is an ongoing campaign that is designed to be played in real time by all the Leyfarers simultaneously, allowing us to offer some really neat experiences that don't currently exist in the TTRPG space. Our official campaign will never replay older content, but once a chapter has been played in the tavern we will publish it to be played through by the larger TTRPG community. At that point, the chapter can be booked through our online Game Master booking system just like any other published adventure content that we support or you're welcome to run it for your own group to get them caught up on the history of Val'Ruvina. You can find our published content here.
  • How can I prepare for my first session of The Leyfarer's Chronicle?
    You can find our free Player's Guide here, but our character creation guidelines will depend on when you're joining the campaign, the group you're in, what mysteries the Leyfarers have unlocked, etc. A Game Master will reach out with details once you sign up with and we offer a free session zero to help all new Leyfarers work through character creation in our setting before each new chapter starts.
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