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Our Code of Conduct applies to anyone affiliated with TPK Brewing Co., including: employees, customers, vendors, partners, volunteers, and contractors, in the physical world, digital world, and any/all fantasy (tabletop gaming) worlds we may be involved in.

In line with our goal of creating a space for underrepresented groups in the gaming/brewing industries to amplify their voices, TPK Brewing Co. maintains a strict zero tolerance policy for discrimination or harassment on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, or any similar personal characteristic. All violations of this policy (willful or not) will be taken seriously, will be investigated by our leadership team and/or an impartial third party, and will lead to disciplinary actions, up to and including the termination of the offending party's relationship with TPK Brewing Co.

For clarity, prohibited behavior includes but is not limited to: belittling, bullying, discrimination, harassment, illegal activity, intentional misgendering, intimidation, "outing" of any aspect of a person's identity without consent, threats, unwanted physical contact, and verbal/physical abuse or assault. We similarly do not tolerate any harassment towards our Game Masters for any reason, including their storytelling, adjudication of the rules, or the outcome of die rolls.

"I was just roleplaying my character" is still a violation of this Code of Conduct. If you're unsure if your in-game behavior may cross a line, consult with your Game Master before taking that action.

TPK Brewing Co. may be a brewery and offer a full bar, but we are also a family-friendly space. Drinkers are expected to drink responsibly in accordance with Oregon's state liquor laws and avoid alienating customers who may not be consuming alcohol, regardless of their reasons for doing so. For the avoidance of doubt: drinking games, or games where the primary goal or punishment is to get intoxicated, are prohibited in our space. Our upstairs mezzanine area is 16+ when open to the public and is where we would generally recommend playing games containing adult content, but the age restriction is not an invitation to violate this Code of Conduct.

To report a violation of this Code of Conduct, you can email, contact any of the founders directly either via email (,, or in person, or submit an anonymous report here. All of our leadership members have received the requisite HR training to handle such a report and are fully committed to upholding our company values; we may not always get it right, but we will always do our best to remedy any issues brought to our attention and keep you updated throughout that process.

If you are actively experiencing harassment in our space and need immediate assistance, please ask any staff member if Angela is working. Every employee of TPK Brewing Co. is trained on that program and will discreetly ensure your safety, working with you on the right solution to your situation.

If you are approached for a violation of this policy, including by another customer or a teammate who you made feel unwelcome, we ask that you please listen and avoid becoming defensive. It would have absolutely been easier for everyone to just pretend it never happened, but they took the brave step to make TPK Brewing Co. fairer, safer, and more equitable for everyone and we ask that you respect that. Even if you didn't intend to make someone feel that way, you did, and apologizing with an active commitment to do better next time is always the best option.


We at TPK Brewing Co. are committed to providing the most accessible physical and digital experience possible. On the physical side, both our front entrance on SE Hawthorne Boulevard and our side entrance on SE 51st Avenue are wheelchair accessible. Our mezzanine is not wheelchair accessible at this time, but our gaming services, food and beverage options, retail products, events, and restroom are available on our main (first) floor. On the digital side, we aim to adhere as closely as we can to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0, Level AA), published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to make the web more accessible for people with disabilities. This is a constant work in progress as we do update our site regularly.

If you have any comments or suggestions on improving our accessibility, or specific accommodation requests to ensure your time in our space is as comfortable as possible, please email us at or contact any staff member in person.

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