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Free RPG Day: Hollows with GM David

  • TPK Brewing Co

Service Description

For Free RPG Day 2024 we'll have guest GMs running free one shots throughout the day across a variety of different systems, along with hosting special TTRPG giveaways. This booking is for Hollows with GM David from FWD RPG PNW. A long time ago, something very bad happened to you. Now you are something very bad that happens to other people. The world is sour. And here, sourer still: a wretched knot of torment. A stinking sump of loss and fear that twists everything around it. Plague, madness, grief and ruin. A Hollow. Hollows makes massive monster fights slick, elegant, tactical and challenging, with unique mechanics for each named enemy and a deep, satisfying system of player choices. No prior experience is necessary and all materials (including characters) will be provided. This is a game for players 16 or older. Each booking is for one person, but you can reserve multiple slots during checkout.

Contact Details

  • 5051 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard, Portland, OR, USA

    (503) 231-6354

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