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Free RPG Day 2024
Free RPG Day 2024

Sat, Jun 22


TPK Brewing Co.

Free RPG Day 2024

Join us for Free RPG Day 2024! We'll have GMs running free one shots throughout the day across a variety of different systems, along with hosting special TTRPG giveaways.

Time & Location

Jun 22, 2024, 1:00 PM – 10:30 PM

TPK Brewing Co., 5051 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97215, USA

About the event

For Free RPG Day 2024 we'll be running free one shots throughout the day across a variety of different systems, along with hosting special TTRPG giveaways.

Each game is booked separately on a per-seat basis (links below), no preparation, experience, or materials are required, and drop-ins are welcome as long as the session still has room day-of. All sessions are free, but do have age restrictions varying from 13+ to 18+.

  • 1-5 PM - Plague Bearer with GM Nick. Plague Bearer is a roleplaying game set in the world depicted in the Zombicide: Black Plague series of board games: a medieval setting in the grip of the Zombie apocalypse. Armed to the teeth with everything you carry or wield, you roam the land, slipping into undead-infested villages and castles, hiding behind rubble, and scavenging for anything that might keep you alive just a little bit longer. One day at a time.
  • Ages 13+

  • 1-5 PM - Hollows with GM David. A long time ago, something very bad happened to you. Now you are something very bad that happens to other people. The world is sour. And here, sourer still: a wretched knot of torment. A stinking sump of loss and fear that twists everything around it. Plague, madness, grief and ruin. A Hollow. Hollows makes massive monster fights slick, elegant, tactical and challenging, with unique mechanics for each named enemy and a deep, satisfying system of player choices.
  • Ages 16+

  • 6-10 PM - Spire with GM Greg. Spire is a fantasy-punk roleplaying game of intrigue, subterfuge, and sedition. You are a dark elf. You have sworn in blood and sacred shadow to destroy your oppressors, the aelfir - high elves from the frozen north who have claimed your homeland as their own. Spire is a mile-high metropolis and you hide in its crumbling temples, its lawless undercity, its labyrinthine tunnels, the rotting hole in reality that festers at its center. Your masters while away their days in opulent cruelty and glittering sunlight far above. Spire is all the world you have ever known, and it must fall. TONIGHT: The show must go on. A travelling group of players are putting on a show in the dilapidated mansion-corridor of Ivory Row. It's a new performance that stirs the heart and fires the minds of the populace towards revolution. The Ministry is very interested in making sure that the show - which will run for one night only - goes off without a hitch. The aelfir would much rather it didn't. Also, the longer the show goes on, the more reality becomes unstitched around the players.
  • Ages 18+

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