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Game Master

Full and Part-Time, Hourly

About The Role

As core members of the Gaming Operations team, Game Masters work to ensure that the gaming side of TPK Brewing Co. is successful. Part-time Game Masters can choose the hours that they are available for guests to book through TPK’s website for in-person sessions and are compensated hourly for the time that they spend preparing and then running games. Full-time Game Masters work in the tavern throughout the week and, in addition to private game bookings, help manage and maintain the gaming areas, answer questions from guests, and work with the Manager of Gaming Operations and Creative Director to develop original game content and assets. In addition to private games, Game Masters also help run other kinds of specialty sessions and events.


Run private game sessions and campaigns.
- Our current list of supported titles includes Dungeons & Dragons 5e, Call of Cthulhu, Cypher System (Core Rules, Invisible Sun, Numenera, The Strange), Fate Core, Pathfinder 2e, Powered by the Apocalypse (Masks, Monster of the Week, Thirsty Sword Lesbians), Vampire: The Masquerade

In addition, full-time Game Masters:
- Manage and maintain the gaming areas
- Interact with guests and answer questions
- Process transactions and pour beer as necessary
- Run introduction games, Tabletop 101 sessions, and other specialty sessions
- Develop original game content and assets for TPK’s original campaigns


- Minimum 1 year of combined experience as a professional game master, actual-play live streamer or podcaster, or TTRPG writer/content creator is required for full-time employment
- Experience running TTRPG sessions for strangers in public settings using proven safety tools
- A high level of knowledge about Dungeons & Dragons 5e and other popular TTRPGs
- Familiarity with a multitude of TTRPG systems and frameworks is a plus
- Interest in craft beer and OLCC serving permit are a plus
- Willingness to work during peak hours for full-time employees, including nights, weekends, and holidays

Pay & Benefits

- $30 per hour as an hourly employee. 30+ hours per week for full-time employees.
- Medical, dental, and vision insurance for full-time employees.
- PTO and wellness days for full-time employees
- Shift meals - Beer perks

To apply, email a resume and cover letter to All applicants will receive a response either way.

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